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In the 1990s Piet Bultsma-Vos founded his own studio: Heraldisch Atelier Bultsma. This gave Piet the opportunity to dedicate all his time to his passion for the heraldic arts. Heraldisch Atelier Bultsma has become renown for its craftsmanship and broad knowledge of heraldic art. All work is hand-painted.

Heraldisch Atelier Bultsma works closely with its customers to design coats of arms that express the story of the bearer and that comply with heraldic art standards. The design of church seals, flags, ex-libris, etc. also belong to the portfolio. Designs can be painted on standard heavy paper, parchment, wood, etc.

Heraldisch Atelier Bultsma
Grietmanslaan 45A
8431 CM Oosterwolde
The Netherlands