The Society of Heraldic Art


Lawrence (Laurie) J. Patten FRHSC SHA
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  • Born 3 March 1930, Southampton, England.
  • Completed schooling 1944 Taunton, Somerset.
  • Apprentice Painter Decorator 1945- 1950. Attended Southampton and Brighton College of Arts and Crafts 14 hours per week for 5 years, major study, Heraldry.
  • Served 3 years in the Royal Air Force 1950. 
  • 1952, Married Helene (Lynn), at Newhaven, Sussex, England. 
  • Father of 3 sons, 1 daughter and 4 grandchildren
  • 1954, Immigrated to B.C. Canada.
  • 1977, Joined the Heraldry Society of Canada, was founding member of B.C. Yukon / Branch. 2000, elected a Fellow of the Society. 
  • 2002, elected Craftsman to the Society of Heraldic Arts.


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