The Society of Heraldic Art

92 WOOD Escott Named in honour of the President of the Society of Heraldic Arts, Anthony Wood, PSHA, and his late wife Margaret, a Queen’s Scribe.

These marketing bursaries are awarded annually to selected students of the City & Guilds of London School of Art who have shown a particular ability to design and create beautiful heraldry.

The bursary is designed to assist these talented new artists to establish a presence in the international heraldic marketplace.

The bursary consists of:

  • Associate Craft Membership for two years.
  • A presence on the SHA website for two years
  • One to one mentoring by an established Craft Members of the SHA in marketing and sales of work
  • Assistance in publicising work already done in the quarterly journal The Heraldic Craftsman.

The selection of Bursary winners is the responsibility of the City & Guilds of London School of Art which will then pass on the administration of the scheme to the Hon Editor in the first instance.

Tim Crawley, head of historic carving at the School says: ‘This is an imaginative and potentially valuable, practical assistance at a critical moment in a student’s career. The SHA is to be commended on this initiative.’

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