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Fergus Wessel SHA
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Based near Burford in Oxfordshire, I run Stoneletters, a fine stone carving studio which specialises in fine lettering and heraldic carving in stone. We have clients all over the UK including the Royal Albert Hall, Oxford University and private individuals such as Alan Titchmarsh and Loyd Grosman. Heraldry lends itself very well to stone, and I enjoy the challenge of transferring a heraldic design to stone so that it retains its strength. Sometimes this might involve adapting a crest whilst adhering to the blazon. This needs experience and a good understanding of the way a coat of arms should be drawn and carved in stone. We enjoy getting it right!

"Fergus carves with power and elegance. His work is forward-looking but firmly rooted in traditional practice." Loyd Grossman, OBE, FSA

Phone: 01993 220405


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