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I was born in 1936 and my father was an enormously versatile artist and craftsman.

After leaving Oxford (MA Engineering Science) in 1960 I joined the Army. 30 years later, having acquired a degree in mathematics from the Open University, I joined Cranfield University as a lecturer in mathematics. At last I had the stability and time to try to emulate my father. Various courses in cabinet making and other woodworking skills led me to the craft of marquetry. It suited my aptitudes: patience, perfectionism and a love of wood. Since then I am largely self-taught. The work is demanding and immensely slow. Each piece of veneer is cut by hand with a scalpel and fitted into an identical hole in another veneer. Some pieces are so small that I have to hold my breath to avoid blowing them away.

I exhibited in London, with other artists, in 2003 and 2008 and at other provincial events. My work is not only connected with heraldry.

Address: Col Alexander Lindsay, Foxleaze, Preston, Cirencester, Glos GL7 5PS
Telephone: 01285655875 and 07726723848
Website: www.lindsaymarquetry,

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