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Linda Nicholson MA, SHA
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After completing three years at Ontario College of Art, I acquired a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto.
I worked for the Canadian Heraldic Authority as a contract painter from 1991 until February 2014 when I quit in order to pursue my interest in illumination. Currently I am engaged in completing an illuminated alphabet of medieval fabula.

I am still much involved in heraldry and continue to produce ecclesiastical designs for the Catholic Church in the USA.

350 St. David St. S.,
Fergus Ontario,
Canada N1M 2L8

Tel. 519. 843-3966
Fax 519 843-7914


Marie Lynskey SHA
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Marie Lynskey trained for 5 years at Reigate School of Art and Design, Surrey, England where she obtained an Ordinary National Diploma in General Art and Design then a Higher National Diploma in Heraldry, Calligraphy and Illumination. She has been a full-time scribe and heraldic artist since 1983 and is author of several books on related subjects. She accepts freelance commissions from all parts of the world and undertakes work from various companies specialising in illuminated documents. She designs and produces Freedom Scrolls for authorities across the country and specialises in the layout and production of illustrated family trees.

Address: 109 Nutcroft Grove, Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9LD
Tel: +44 (0) 1372 372334


Ilona Jurkiewicz, MA, FRHSC (Hon), SHA
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Artist and heraldic illustrator serving the Canadian Heraldic Authority since 1994.

Today, a known presence in Canadian heraldry, Ilona’s career began as an art curator and book illustrator in Poland. Later she lived and travelled in Italy, then studied Fine Arts and Art History in Canada and worked as an exhibition designer in Ottawa before focusing on heraldic art.

The hallmark of Ilona’s style is to delineate the herald’s concept to create a strong, memorable image rooted in classical traditions. Her use of line is expressive and elegant, producing powerful, attractive heraldic achievements.

tel: 1 905 271 1932


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Anthony Wood no longer practising but remains a highly respected President and Fellow of the Society of Heraldic Arts.

Anthony Wood trained as a professional calligrapher, illuminator and heraldic artist. For some years he painted heraldry for various officers at the College of Arms. From 1965 to 1986 he taught the subjects at Ealing and Wimbledon Schools of Art. In 1968 he founded a full time three-year Diploma course in Calligraphy, Heraldry and Manuscript Illumination at Reigate School of Art and Design and directed it as a Senior Lecturer until 1987. He has been responsible for the training of many scribes and heraldic artists from all over the world who subsequently have achieved eminence in their chosen profession.

He has written numerous articles on calligraphy, manuscript illumination and heraldic art and design, was co-editor of A European Armorial (Heraldry Today, 1971) and a major contributor to A New Dictionary of Heraldry (A&C Black, 1997). His book, Heraldic Art and Design was published in1996 (Shaw & Sons) and he painted the arms of John Brooke-Little and contributed an essay, 'The Art of Heraldry', to the book Tribute to an Armorist, published in 2000 by the Heraldry Society to commemorate Brooke-Little's contribution to heraldry.

He was made a Freeman of the City of London in 1955 and was Master of the Worshipful Company of Bowyers of London from 1980 to 1982 and from 1983 to 1984. 

Quillion House, Over Stratton, South Petherton,
Somerset,TA13 5LG, UK
Fax & Tel: +44 (0) 1460 241115

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