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Felix Handley - ASHA +click image(s) to enlarge

Originally trained in fine art at Central St. Martins, Felix worked as a fine artist for a time and has work in private collections and institutions such as the Saatchi Gallery.

Having become frustrated by his lack of formal craft training, Felix decided to pursue a more traditional approach to sculpture and retrained as a stone carver at City & Guilds of London Art School.

While studying, Felix was awarded the Brinsley Ford travel prize for drawing, and The Master Carvers’ prize for carving. Having graduated with a first-class diploma in 2016, Felix’s work has already received recognition in public exhibitions. He won the Fishmongers’ Company prize for 2017, for his ‘outstanding craftsmanship and dedication’.

Felix has now set up a workshop in Hampshire, where he works as a sculptor, carver and restorer.

Mobile: 07736 061 533
Landline: 01420 588 124
Website: (currently under construction) 


Steve Cowan, C.D., U.E., L.R.H.S.C., S.H.A. +click image(s) to enlarge

Having studied both heraldry and digital art under the tutelage of Laurie Patten, F.R.H.S.C., S.H.A., I qualified for my Licentiate of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada in 2015. While I had been pushing paint around a canvas I found the application of digital art applies extremely well with heraldry; using a new technique for an old art form seems to complement each other. For the heraldic achievements, table shields, wall plaques and bookends I make the fine detail of a vector image from either on original design or from a grant of arms the armiger provides. What started as a project to research the design and application of naval ship badges has turned into an appreciation of heraldry and its applications.

Regardless of the item being made I do original digital artwork for each piece. And the artwork is also provided to the clients as a high quality computer image for their use on documents, decals, banners or whatever the armiger desire.

Steve Cowan
227 – 680 Murrelet Drive
BC V9M 3P2

Tel: 250 890 0225


Anthony Wood NDD, FHS, FSSI, FSHA

Chairman and Hon. Secretary
John Tunesi of Liongam M.Sc., FSA Scot., 
53 Hitchin Street, Baldock, 
Phone: +44 (0)1462-89206 and +44 (0)7989 976394

All enquiries regarding applications for Craft or Associate Membership should be addressed to:

Hon. Membership Secretary
Jane Tunesi of Liongam MSt, CILIP, Dip Gen, QG
53 Hitchin Street,
Phone: +44 (0)1462-89206 and +44 (0)7989 976394

Hon. Treasurer
David Krause FCA, Hon.FSHA
6 Corrance Road,
Wyke, Bradford,
BD12 9LH
Phone: +44(0)1274 679 272

Hon. Editor, The Heraldic Craftsman
William Beaver,
50 Church Way,
Phone: +44(0)1865 778061

Material for the Society's website and Craft Member profiles should be sent to Stephen Friar at
or by post to
Flat 2, Gyde House,
Gyde Road, Painswick,


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