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The Society's journal is a quarterly publication and is posted to all members, both Craft and Associate, as well as to certain academic institutions.

The principal aim of the journal is to promote the work of the Society’s Craft Members. In part, this is achieved by illustrated articles on commissions and other works carried out by Craft Members, together with technical pieces on heraldic design and artistic technique. There are also occasional articles on notable heraldic artists of the past, reviews of recent publications and regular reports of activities and Society business.  

As one would expect of such a subject, The Heraldic Craftsman is published in full colour.

Hon. Editor, The Heraldic Craftsman

William Beaver,
50 Church Way,
Oxford OX4 4EF
Tel: +44(0)1865 778061

Recent Editions:


Any artist or craftsperson whose work includes a substantial body of heraldry is eligible to apply for Craft Membership.

Prospective Craft Members are invited to submit a selection of their work for consideration by the Society's Appointments Board. This may be in photographic form. An applicant whose work is deemed to be of a sufficiently high standard is then invited to become a Craft Member of the Society of Heraldic Arts, may describe himself or herself as such and use the post-nomials SHA. 

In the first instance, prospective applicants should contact: 
Hon. Membership Secretary
Jane Tunesi of Liongam MSt, CILIP, Dip Gen, QG
53 Hitchin Street,
Baldock, Hertforshire SG7 6AQ
Phone: +44 (0)1462-89206 and +44 (0)7989 976394

Associate membership is open to those who aspire to Craft Membership and those who wish to support the work of the Society. Heralds and other officers of arms from the world's heraldic authorities are encouraged to join, either as Associate Members or as Craft Members if they are also artists producing work of a sufficiently high standard.

Application for Associate Membership should be made to the Hon. Membership Secretary as above.

A Faculty of Fellows was created in 2013. Fellowship (FSHA) is granted by the Society’s Appointments Board to Craft Members whose work is considered to be pre-eminent by their peers. Honorary Fellowship (Hon. FSHA) may be awarded at an Annual Meeting to any member in recognition of outstanding service to the Society. 

Fees and Subscriptions:

  • Craft Membership £35.00 (includes website fee)
  • Associate membership £25.00
  • Overseas Airmail £5.00

Heraldry today remains an outward and visible symbol of family and corporate identity and of pre-eminence and authority, just as it did at Bannockburn, Agincourt and the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Heraldry possesses universal appeal in the unrestrained vigour of its art, the mystery of its symbolism and the nobility of its tradition.

It is exceedingly beautiful. The interpretation of heraldic symbolism in a variety of materials is an ancient and honourable craft requiring great skill and inventiveness, qualities acquired only through rigorous training, long experience and an appreciation of the 'heraldic imagination'.


Kevin Arkinstall's double-headed eagle is typical of the finely detailed line artwork of this highly individual heraldic artist and expert calligrapher.
An heraldic crest by Anthony Wood prepared on calfskin vellum, using gouache colours and 23 carat powder gold.
A ring seal engraved in negative relief by Clare Street. Her work includes two dimensional line engraving for mounted silver plaques, medal dies and desk seals, gold and platinum jewellery
Painting in gouache of a modern American coat of arms by John Ferguson, an internationally known heraldic artist and designer. His work includes library paintings, bookplates etc
An engraved bookplate by Gordon MacPherson, an outstanding Canadian heraldic designer and an Officer of Arms to the Canadian Heraldic Authority.


Four of a series of painted and gilded wooden shields by Baz Manning, an expert painter and gilder.

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