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Report of the Hon Editor of The Heraldic Craftsman - 2017

The Society of Heraldic Arts

Report of the Hon Editor 2016-2017

The Heraldic Craftsman continues to circulate in its quarterly orbit and whilst it requires some effort, many more are the joys. Take the 18” stained glass roundel from Shaftesbury Abbey which graces the cover of issue 91, April 2016. Who did it, we wondered and that led to the re-discovery of C Rupert Moore and his family and associates, backed with the extraordinary knowledge of Baz Manning, FSHA. The article on Moore elicited more spontaneous comment than any other during the year, which may have more to do with model aeroplanes than heraldry. Heigh ho.

We have not only had to increase our production run during the year to accommodate an increase in membership, but this April we produced the first 28pp edition featuring another masterly article on little-known artists or those who have brought out art to its high standard today. Doctors David Phillips, Anthony Hilton, V. Irene Cockroft and Jan Gore have enriched our mental world as have all our other authors, craft and associate, who have contributed to what we are told is an interesting read. ‘I used to flick through it over breakfast, now I can’t.’ was a particularly pleasing back-handed compliment.

As members will know, we have experienced some issues over collecting subscriptions this year past and without two substantial anonymous donations at least two issues would not have appeared. Under the leadership of John and Jane Tunesi of Liongam working with David Krause, FSHA, we are now convinced that by the 2017 AGM members everywhere will be aware of their responsibility to support us with lucre filthy or clean and your executive will be assiduous in chasing up those who do not remit promptly by 31 May.

One other issue worth mentioning is the policy, made up on the hoof, of putting past issues online. Some do not like this: ‘You are giving our capital away’ is one comment, yet, my counter point is that to do our part in strengthening our offering as a Society, we need to display more of our interesting world. To that end, we are now making every issue available a year after it was initially published and thanks to Dr Andrew Gray for his help on this. So, that means that as issue 95, April 2017 is published, issue 91, April 2016 will join its fellows online and so on, issue by issue.

The AGM will be asked to note that unless good sense breaks out and I am asked to relinquish my green eye shade early, my last issue will be in four years’ time and it is not too early to begin looking for my successor!

William Beaver

14 April 2017